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Sakura sushi restaurant is an exquisite restaurant that specializes in Japanese style sushi. The restaurant has an elegant environment, with finely crafted sushi and carefully selected ingredients. Every bite can be tasted fresh and delicious. In addition, the shop also has unique craftsmanship and combines traditional Chinese pasta to open the "Zhao Family Noodle Restaurant", providing a variety of classic noodles, allowing diners to experience the charm of Chinese pasta while tasting sushi. Whether it's sushi or noodles, they all carry the store's love and pursuit of food. We welcome diners to come and taste them.


  • “Sakura sushi restaurant is really good. The sushi is fresh and delicious, with an excellent taste. We will come again next time!”

    — Nathan Myhrvold

  • “There is a wide variety of sushi here, each one carefully crafted and delicious. Highly recommended!”

    — Lev L. Spiro

  • “In addition to delicious sushi, the noodles at Zhao's Noodle Restaurant are also very unique. The combination of the two is truly delicious!”

    — Julia Child

  • “This cherry blossom sushi restaurant is really great. The sushi has tempting colors and a rich texture, leaving a lasting impression.”

    — Josh Billings


Fresh fruits paired with sushi, unique Japanese flavor! Sweet fruits, delicious sushi, and a perfect combination of flavors, don't miss out!

Sea food

Fresh and sweet seafood, sourced from deep sea selection, every bite is a gift from the ocean, enjoying the beauty of sushi!


Freshly picked vegetables, with a delicious taste and healthy nutrition, add a touch of fresh greenery to your sushi journey!


Fresh and tender fish, with strong muscle, is the choice of Japanese sushi. It has an excellent taste and extraordinary taste, allowing you to enjoy a feast of delicious food!

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The sushi menu is rich and diverse, with delicious and fragrant flavors that arouse the appetite. Try and try again, but it's hard to stop. Enjoy the delicious taste without leaving any regrets!

Sakura Sushi

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Japanese sushi is exquisite and delicious, while Chinese pasta is authentic and mellow. Taste the delicious food here.

Sakura Sushi

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Professional sushi, service first, unique flavor, sincerely invite you to taste!